Who is an indie author?

An indie author is a writer who publishes their work without the help of an established press. Indie authors are also called self-publishing author. These kinds of authors are responsible for editing, producing, distributing, and marketing the books they write. The concept “indie” is a short way of referring to “independent” authors. Many self-publishing authors prefer being referred to as indie authors because the word “indie” does not carry a stigma but “self-publishing” comes with an impression of low quality work that did not pass through professional publishers. So when someone is referred to as self-publishing author, it somehow flashes a stigma but calling the same person an indie author sounds more prestigious and cool.

Again, the term, “self-publishing” is a misleading term. This is because almost every author who successfully publishes their own books does not do it alone. With the help of online marketplaces, indie authors can conveniently hire copy editors, proofreaders, and designers to work on their book. By taking this collaborative approach, the production process in indie publishing has become closer to that of traditional publishing than ever before.

Indie authorship has grown in popularity and online publishing platforms have made this easier. You find many people preferring to answer indie authors today because it sounds cool. Also indie authorship is rising because traditional publishing is still conservative and expensive. The process of accepting manuscript is very rigorous and sometimes with little success for smaller authors. So they prefer publishing their works by themselves. Also, indie authors make much money too, especially if their books become successful in the market.

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