Editorial Guidelines for eBook and e Magazine Submissions

Please read the following guidelines before submitting an eBook here at These guidelines have been created to ensure we deliver a quality experience to our members, while presenting realistic expectations to authors, and respecting copyright laws.

To have your eBook approved you must meet ALL the following guidelines:

  1.  Copyright: First and foremost: you must have the legal rights to submit the book. Uploading materials that you do not own is a Copyright Violation and against the law. If you upload materials you do not own, the material will be removed and your account will be deleted. Further legal action, including compensation for damages may also be brought against you.
  2.  Additional Information: You have read and accepted our
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Refund Policy
  1.  Length: Books of less than 20 pages of content (exclusive of introductory and final pages) are not accepted period. Typically any book of less than 50 pages will also not be accepted, unless they are works of fiction (ex. short stories, poetry, youth books).
  2.  Magazines: are normally categorized based on their content. They can contain short stories, personal caricatures, interviews, articles and/or photographic outlays, but must contain a collection of more than four of these. Advertisements are not allowed, nor are excessive affiliate linking. Anything shorter than 20 pages will not be approved. Serializing magazines is normal and expected, however, we ask that you limit issues to a monthly recurrence until further notice. You have the option to either replace current issues with newer ones or submit new issues as separate submissions. Please be aware that all new submissions are not exempt from submission costs if applicable; Cannot be an article, press release, sales letter or brochure.
  3.  Content: NO pornography, obscene or defamatory material period. Must not contain anything that is a violation of the law.
  4.  Grammar: proper use of grammar must be maintained.
  5.  Advertising: Overly promotional, or advertising eBooks, including Affiliate Links
    If your book is deemed by our editors upon their review to be overly promotional, contain too much advertising or uses too many affiliate links, it will only be eligible to be published in the ‘marketplace’ category and subject to an additional annual admin fee of N20,000 or USD equivalent.
  6.  Excerpts, Preview and Incomplete eBooks

If your book is an excerpt, a preview or incomplete in any way, it will only be eligible to be published in the ‘Free Preview’ category and subject to an additional annual admin fee of N20,000 or USD equivalent

Please note that possessing a Coupon Code for an eBook submission does not exclude you from these guidelines. These guidelines govern ALL submissions.

Guidelines may change without notice.


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