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  • Friends That Make Family

    This is a story about three friends who became a peace-loving family that shared love in their community. It is an interesting story of how a scientist, a doctor and a musician became friends that lived like a family. It shows us that being good to others makes a family happy. This is an interesting story of how the scientist and the hunter were liked by all in the community because of their good works.

    Publisher: TopShelve Publishers

    Number of Pages: 25

    ISBN: 978-978-57835-0-6

    File Size: 2.56 MB


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  • A Trip To The Village Stream

    This is an interesting story of how a young boy and his siblings took a trip to their village stream with their father. It was an event that made their holiday very interesting. The young boy narrates his experiences at the stream and how excited he was to play with friends like he never did. There is also an interesting drama in the story after one of his friends insisted on following him to the stream against his mother’s instruction. What happened will amaze you. This is a very interesting and educative book for kids.

    Author: Chiagoziem Nwabueze

    Year of Publication: 2020

    Publisher: TopShelve Publishers

    Number of Pages: 25

    ISBN: 978-978-57835-0-6

    File Size: 1.51 MB


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  • Fundamentals Of Critical Writing And Review

    Fundamentals of Critical Writing and Reviewing is a two-part book that discusses in eleven chapters the rudiments of critical reviewing of various kinds of creative works. The first part, Basics of Critical Review, is an introductory excursion which provides (in four chapters) primary information on the concepts, functions, features, process, and structure of critical writing and reviewing. Part two of the book, Specific Review Types, contains seven chapters each of which discusses a specific kind of review. They include book, music, movie, artistic work, journalistic work, advertisement and journal article review. This book adopts vivid examples of various kinds of reviews, most of which have been published in periodicals, in elucidating the teachings provided in various chapters. It is a working guide for those who wish to master the art of writing expository critical reviews.

    Product Details:

    Author: Chinenye Nwabueze

    Year of Publication: 2014

    Publisher: TopShelve Publishers

    Number of Pages: 163

    ISBN: 978-2579-33-13

    File Size: 2.06 MB

    • USD: $2.36
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