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Support for all eBook orders is provided for free for 60 days after the order is placed. Customer service and technical support questions can be sent in at our Customer Service page.

We keep your orders available for you for as long as we possibly can, but since the eBook industry is changing quickly, sometimes eBook software becomes obsolete and we have no control over that.

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All of your transactions are protected by powerful SSL encryption software. We guarantee that every transaction you make at is 100% safe.

Publishing on is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1.      Register as a publisher by clicking on ‘Register as Publisher’ under the Register button on the Homepage
  2. After a successful registration, follow the steps in the setup wizard to set up your store
  3.      Hover your mouse to the product tab and click on add new.
  4. Select ‘simple product’ from the drop down…check the boxes ‘virtual and downloadable’.
  5. Next, enter the title of your book. Below the title, enter the price in the price box. If you’re offering a discount, enter the sales price. Click on the schedule button to schedule your promo/discount for a specific period of time.
  6. Upload the Front cover of your book. (Note this image must in JPEG format not PDF)
  7. Next enter a short description of your book in the ‘short description text editor’.
  8. Map the Category of your book (Public Relations, Broadcasting, Journalism ….)
  9. Enter full description of your book in the ‘description text editor’.
  10. Click on ‘downloadable’. On your right, enter file name (still your book title) and then click on the upload button to upload your eBook – PDF, EPUB or MOBI file.
Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!
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WeCreativez WhatsApp Support

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