Author: UALISON

    The principal of
    Unick College raises the school’s academic standard, initiating
    rivalry between the most valuable, arrogant basketball player, IRAWO, and
    his closest friend, TAYO. As events unfold, the gap between Irawo and Tayo
    widens, until Irawo stubbornly goes into a quicksand area, and gets
    trapped in it. He loses consciousness, and his spirit travels to a suspension
    hall – a place between life and death.

    In the suspension hall, he is shown two
    screens: a left screen showing the events going on while he is in coma on Earth;
    and a right screen showing the fulfilling life he would have lived had he not
    gone into the quicksand. His time runs out; the medical personnel are
    unable to revive him. He cannot return to Earth, and he is not qualified for
    heaven either. Only God’s mercy – through the prayers of Tayo and his
    class teacher – is able to snatch him from the grips of the angels from

    He regains consciousness and
    renounces his family’s idol – the creator – causing a rift between him and his
    parents. He begins to enjoy a selfless relationship with his friends; he wins
    back the love and respect of the most sought-after girl,
    the school proprietor’s daughter. The mysteries of the suspension
    experience begin to unravel: Tayo takes a bullet for him just when he
    is starting to bask in the glory of the most coveted basketball prize; he
    discovers his parents had sacrificed his three unborn siblings, in order to
    give him the life that was prophesied; his parents attempt to poison him, in
    staunch commitment to the cause of the creator.

    He must live these bitter realities
    with a new family, and defy all odds to become the star God destined him to be.


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    Author: UALISON


    • USD: $1.45
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