• Introduction To Mass Communication

    This book, Introduction to Mass Communication (second edition) is a
    rudimentary tour into the world of mass-mediated communication in a technologically driven age. It is divided into five parts, each part discussing an interesting theme on modern techniques in communication.

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    Author: Chinenye Nwabueze

    Year of Publication: 2021

    Number of Pages: 364

    File Size: 6.9 MB

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  • Reporting – Principles, Approaches & Special Beats

    The process of reporting takes considerable skill, creativity, and tenacity.
    Acquiring information required to write stories for the mass media involves
    a great deal of thought, preparation, planning and execution of task
    objectives. A reporter needs to understand the environment within which he
    operates, the nature of information he is to go after, how and where to get
    such information. An understanding of the various kinds of sources, beats,
    forms of journalistic writing and perspectives on legal and ethical issues in
    journalism, is germane.
    This book, Reporting: Principles, Approaches, Special Beats,
    provides detailed insight on the basics of reporting. It is a thorough
    groundwork which exposes reporters to emerging trends in journalism
    practice. The author’s treatment of the various topics using vivid and
    relevant examples makes for easy comprehension of the content and apt
    placement of explanations in proper context.

    Product Details:

    Author: Chinenye Nwabueze

    Year of Publication: 2015

    Publisher: TopShelve Publishers

    Number of Pages: 436

    ISBN: 978 – 219 – 676 – 2

    File Size: 10.3 MB

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