• Basics Of Advertising


    One major way of keeping consumers informed about the
    existence of a product brand in the market, the brand’s competitive
    edge over other brands, and persuasively present the appropriate
    message to the right prospects of products and services at a
    relatively low cost is through advertising – a non-personal
    communication process for promoting goods and services through
    a medium to a target audience.

    Author: Chinenye Nwabueze

    Year of Publication: 2020

    Publisher: TopShelve Publishers

    Number of Pages: 149

    ISBN: 978-219-219-8

    File Size: 3.36 MB


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    Basics Of Advertising

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  • Introduction To Mass Communication

    Emerging trends in new communication technologies have enhanced and simplified the communication process in modern society.  The advent of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) such as computers, digital broadcasting, satellite and cable television, the internet and World Wide Web, have contributed immensely in not only facilitating the sophistication of the communication process and but also redefining mass communication.  Understanding the rudiments of mass communication in the digital era is essential for surviving in today’s global village.

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