Traditional African Medicine and the Challenge of Transgenerational Cultural Communication: A New Perspectival Approach

  • Africa’s rich cultural heritage keeps receding in the past. Without prejudice to all the familiar factors that have been blamed for this by research scholars, the study examined the challenge of transgenerational cultural communication in the development of Traditional African Medicine (TAM). The study was based on transgenerational theory. The researcher used the qualitative methodological approach of analyzing related literature and histories to establish a relationship between transgenerational cultural communication and the present state of Traditional African Medicine. The study concluded that the dynamics of transgenerational cultural communication can be strategically deployed to achieve global significance and collaborative relevance for Traditional African Medicine in the delivery of quality health care in the new global order. To achieve this purpose, the paper recommended that African governments should direct and drive much needed change in the cultural attitude of Africans, by investing heavily in the project, not as a political jamboree commemorative of FESTAC’ 77, but as a conscionable and deep rooted process of self-rediscovery and cultural resurgence.
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