A Critical Evaluation of the Role of PMO in the Strategic Management of Projects

  • There is now a shift in the paradigm in the understanding of the role of project management office(PMO) in the strategic management of project; from the traditional operational and administrative roles of dairy management and clerical function to a more strategic engagement from the front end of project through to the entire project lifecycle. Therefore, this study focuses on the evaluation of the role of PMO in strategic management of projects. In-depth interviews were conducted among highly successful project practitioners, across different industries and career ranks. Their divergent view-points were synchronised and synthesised and subsequently matched by the views expressed by scholars in previous studies. In the end, the research found that PMO plays a strategic role in the in the project decision making. The research found that quality assurance and professionalism, stage-gate control, governance and control and strategic communication are the key strategic roles of PMO in the strategic management of projects. It specifically found that stringent governance and control framework is capable of demotivating project team members and also strangles the free flow of innovation, creativity and ingenuity, yet findings shows that too little governance and control also lead to chaos and eventual project failure. Therefore, this study advocates for balance governance model that will encourage innovation, motivate team members, reduces tension and yet ensures compliance, professionalism and best practises.
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