• Fundamentals Of Critical Writing And Reviewing – Second Edition


    Fundamentals of Critical Writing and Reviewing is a two-part book that discusses in eleven chapters the rudiments of critical reviewing of various kinds of creative works. The first part, Basics of Critical Review, is an introductory excursion which provides (in four chapters) primary information on the concepts, functions, features, process, and structure of critical writing and reviewing. The first chapter provides concise explanation of the key concepts – critical, review, and critical review – including the functions and characteristics of critical reviewing, including a quick guide to critical reviewing. The second chapter discusses the specific steps that comprise the process of critical reviewing while the third and fourth chapters discuss the structure of a critical review and approaches to critical review writing,
    in that order.


    Author – Chinenye Nwabueze
    Year of Publication – 2022
    Publisher – TopShelve Publishers
    Number of Pages – 185
    ISBN – 978-2579-33-13
    File Size – 2.31 MB

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