Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib Classic Design with Converter and Metal Pen Box Set by Asvine

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; This pen is equipped with a unique, streamlined stainless steel extra fine nib to deliver an incomparable writing experience.; It comes with a converter for bottled ink, Ink cartridges Not included for safety. You can purchase the Hongdian…

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  1. by VH

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This pen immediately caught my eye with its sleek, matte black appearance. When I saw that it was offered with a bent nib option (which typically favors my left-handed writing style), it was a definite yes for me.It arrived in a surprisingly nice metal tin, which certainly improved its presentation over the bubble-wrap-only packaging typical of most Chinese pens. The all-metal construction gives it a solid, hefty feel despite its slim profile, and the textured finish on the body adds visual interest without disrupting the tactical “stealth” look. The branding is also quite tasteful, with “HONG DIAN FOREST SERIES” etched in black around the barrel, though the finial is larger and shinier than I might have preferred.The pen has a snap-on cap which gives a satisfying click, though the plastic liner may not be the most durable in the long term. The clip is very tight but relatively easy to use. The converter is full-sized and functions well. Overall, this seems like a sturdy pen I would not hesitate to carry in a pocket or toss in a bag to use as an EDC.The most surprising part of this pen is the nib. I selected the bent nib, assuming that it would likely be a slight waverlyesque nib shape as is becoming more popular such as with stock PenBBS nibs and some Delike ones as well. On the contrary, my nib looks just like a fine nib, but with an aggressive bend as though a nibmeister performed a specialized aftermarket mod. The line variation on this thing is insane – from a fine line when used at an extremely high angle, to a full 2mm width maximum when used at a low angle. Loaded up with Iroshizuku Tsuyu-Kusa, it lays down a very wet, brush-like stroke and demonstrates a huge amount of shading. Even better, it can be used to write on the reverse side with a consistent extra fine line, similar to a posting nib. Used right-side up, this is definitely not the easiest nib to control for writing. Hence, for the typical fountain pen user, I might recommend getting the normal fine or extra fine nib option on this pen instead. However, for the more adventurous, this pen offers a fun experience and great potential as a sketching and/or calligraphy pen.Overall, the seemingly straightforward and unassuming aesthetic of this pen belies the crazy abilities of its nib. I am looking forward to surprising some of my friends with this pen too.

  2. by Jitter Jaw

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This Pen looks very sophisticated, and it writes very well! The section of the pen is a bit narrow, and the clip is almost unusable due to how stiff it is, but those are probably the only gripes I’ve got about the pen. The pen comes with a piston converter but no ink, so you’ll have to order some ink to use with the pen. I bought some Herbin Perle Noire ink from amazon, and I would definitely recommend it for this pen. The pen is hefty in the hand and feels very solidly built.Overall I would definitely recommend this pen to anyone just getting into fountain pens!

  3. by astrahl

    ETA: update to the updateThis company is dedicated to having happy customers. Once I left the feedback below, I was contacted and told that the defect was in a particular batch and was not representative of the pen’s manufacturing as a whole. They sent me a replacement. To be very honest, I collect pens and I use them everyday. I have much pricier pens that don’t perform as well. This is one of my very favorites. It’s smooth as silk to write with, the ink line is consistent and even, and the pen is really well balanced and beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.ETA: Now I think I know why it’s so inexpensive. I’ve had this pen a short time now and the matte coating is flaking off near the nib. I still love how it writes but…, bummer. I’ve attached a photo and video of the defect.Original review: I bought this for the look. I wanted a fully matte black pen with a really dark nib and decided on this one fully being okay with and expecting a mediocre utility. This is now one of my top favorite pens. The nib writes ridiculously smoothly. I prefer a heavier pen and this one’s weight is near ideal. I’m truly in shock by this pen and am now actively shopping other items from this brand. Ultra fine nib allows me to write in super small script. Very crisp line. Really a pleasure to write with.

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Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib Classic Design with Converter and Metal Pen Box Set by Asvine

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